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Hello World, I am Abhishek Chaudhary

A pseudo-introvert, a web developer, and a Maker

Here is a picture of me

You are most welcome to my Internet Home, a place where I keep all my stuff, some good, some weird, some abandoned.

Everything you want to know about me could be found here, And I am not joking.

If you have come till here, Why not start a conversation? As I said, I am a pseudo-introvert, I love talking to strangers, but only through texting.

And, I am Single too, Just saying ♥️

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Abhishek Chaudhary
Quick Info
NameAbhishek Chaudhary
Alma materFr C Rodrigues institute of technology
OccupationWeb Developer
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, SEO

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Stuff That I Made

Tic Tac Toe

Double Pendulum Playground

Guess My Gender

Movie Robot

Help Mate

Image Classifier

Guess the letter

Object classifier

Text encryption

Langton's ant

Convex hull

Infinite non-repeating sequence

Snake game

Fractal tree

3d cube

Drawing Pad

Hilbert curve


Physics Simulation

Live streaming

Text Generator


The stuff I have made till now didn't cost me a single penny, but, I'm not sure if it will, in future, apart from that, we need money to sustain, us, and our families, I think you must have understood my point.

I have made many attemps to earn money, the ad you see above (and, a deleted YouTube Channel), and various other attempts to earn money.

I may do a job in future, and, then, I won't be able to make stuff, and, honestly, I don't like 9 to 5 jobs either, they kill your creativity.

So, If you are interested, and think I deserve it, or are willing to help someone, Here are few options in which you can help me.

Other ways to Help

If you are interested to help me but not (can't) Financially, It's perfectly fine, there are some other free and simple ways to help me which would cost you nothing.

Do you know that google search ranks improve if more people search your name, If you would search TheAbbie on google and then, maybe, click on this website, It would help me a lot to get better rankings.

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Donate with Love

Love is something which can't be equated to money, If you love this page, maybe me, then you can love be by clicking the button below, It matters a lot to me.

If you are a blogger, or have any sort of online presence, you can help me by creating a link to this website, You may think what's the benefit, actually creating a link to a website means giving google some assurance that the website is trustworthy.

This will increase the domain authority and in turn, benefit me. not all links are beneficial, links on social media don't contribute but are useful for increasing my audience.

I suggest you to create your online presence as it feels awesome, to get started I suggest Firebase hosting, it's simple yet powerful. or, GitHub pages is also a good option.

So, I would love if you link to this website, It's not necessary, It just feels good.

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