official whatsapp background

This is the official whatsapp background used by dark mode, it has a lot of hidden messages, let's find out

official whatsapp background

what is the official whatsapp background image

The image given below is the official whatsapp background image.

official whatsapp background image

hidden messages in the image

Do you now notice that there are lots of emoji and icons? Now whoever had designed this wallpaper, had created and designed hidden meanings to some. Let’s start the treasure hunt:

  • A calendar with 24 as date
  • A hand-held device with just one circular button at the bottom with WhatsApp logo on-screen
  • Small paper plane
  • Laptop with WhatsApp logo on the screen
  • The Chinese letter & ‘A’

theory of the image

If we take the number 9,2 and 8 and convert them into letters, we get I, B and H. So, what is IBH? IBH stands for Inclusion Body Hepatitis. IBH outbreaks are found primarily in chicken’s flesh, most commonly at the age of 3–8 weeks.

Though, I don’t find any connection of this infection with the messaging application, the article suggest that the tech giant WhatsApp wants to promote chicken health and our consumption. 09:28 may be their secret code about care for Chickens?

alternate whatsapp

If we take the time 09:28, and convert them into date we get September, 28th. The zodiac sign Libra falls between September 23 to October 22. Libra are known for their cleverness and being organized. But there’s one trait we can’t overlook which is they are hard to make a decision. This is what makes the alarm similar to being a Libra. As said in the above article, when alarms are loud, they want to be dismissed and wake up right away or be snoozed to sleep again similar to how WhatsApp make us anxious whenever we receive a notification from someone we love, to be opened and replied or ignored and be focused on what we are doing.