most underrated bollywood movies

bollywood has a history of ignoring some superb movies and watching salman khan movies, this list will guide you to that.

most underrated bollywood movies


udaan movie

udaan plot

After being expelled from school, Rohan returns home to a strict father as well as a half-brother he was unaware of. He is forced to work at his father's factory even though he wants to write.

udaan cast

udaan trailer


ugly movie

ugly plot

Rahul, a struggling actor, searches for his daughter, Kali, after she goes missing. Soon, he and Bose, her stepfather who is also a policeman, begin to accuse each other of kidnapping her.

ugly cast

ugly trailer

ship of theseus

ship of theseus movie

ship of theseus plot

An experimental photographer, an ailing monk and a young stockbroker explore identity, justice, beauty and the meaning of life and death.

ship of theseus cast

ship of theseus trailer


masaan plot

In Varanasi, Devi struggles to shake off the social stigma of pre-marital sexual relations. Meanwhile, lovers Deepak and Shalu attempt to transcend the restrictions of their casteist society.

masaan cast

masaan trailer