5 essential tips for promoting your indie film

By Abhishek Chaudhary

When making indie films, promotion is an essential part as you don't have a high budget for promotion, these 5 essential tips will help you promote your indie film using various online and offline tools.

indie film promotion

Indie films stand for independent films, ie. films that are made by independent fimmakers without any connection to prominent studio

Promotion of indie film

while promoting indie film there are various factors to keep in mind

Create an IMDB page

an IMDB page will allow anyone who's searching for the film online to know about the film, this will ensure that your promotion doesn't go vain.


also, IMDB page will help you to get a knowledge panel graph if your film is searched by significant amount of people online.

create a FilmFreeway account

FilmFreeway is like a portfolio for filmmakers, you can create projects there and keep all the information there.


additionally, it has an amazing feature of submitting to various film festivals , directly from the website.

importance of film festivals

film festivals are organised for indie filmmakers so that they can display there art to a wide variety of intersted audience, it is beneficial to both filmmakers and audience.

film festivals

FilmFreeway will allow you to take part in many film festivals, some free and some paid.

create a brand for your indie film

ship of theseus movie still

If you observe some popular indie films, you will find that most of them have created a brand out of their films, this is a crucial part of indie film promotion.

designing a poster

a well-formed movie poster is like a pitch, people will judge your movie out of it.

movie poster format

thus a good movie poster must be a priority.

movie trailer

similar to a poster, a movie trailer encourages people to watch your movie, the more consideration you make to design it, greater will be your audience.

successful indie films have high quality trailers which create a urge to watch the movie.

as useful as it may seem, movie reviews are a huge part of indie film promotion.

movie review

if you observe, big budget films spend large part of their promotion budget on movie reviwers, big and small, this will ensure that your movie appears if people search for it.