how I got my youtube channel deleted

Youtube recently deleted my youtube channel for possible copyright violations which I completely deserved but not in such an unexpected way, This post will explain how it happened

how I got my youtube channel deleted

my youtube channel

I had a youtube channel (theabbie) which I had created along with my google account in 2015, I didn't upload stuff on it, I had uploaded 2-3 videos just to fun around.

my youtube channel

It was used by me only for watching videos, and other personal uses.

youtube uploading bot

around 1 year ago, I saw a youtube channel webdriver torso which had around 625K videos, then I thought how was that possible, after some research I found that the videos where getting uploaded by a script.

youtube uploading bot

That was when I decided that I need to create a bot for myself, I had a little knowledge of Javascript by then, I started to learn stuff, It was my primary project then.

difficulty in creating the bot

Fortunately, I discovered Google apps script which made it very easy to use google API's and thus I created the bot, but now I had a greater problem, How would I get my videos?

youtube copyright

I had initially thought of creating random videos using canvas API, but due to lack of resources and knowledge, It was very difficult to implement that, thus I went for the easy way, search random videos on youtube and upload the first result.


It was very easy and I was successfully uploading 30-50 videos per day, I had thought of uploading 10000 videos, thus, Even if I get 1 view per video, It would be 10000 views, but things don't work that way.


after uploading around 1000 videos, I realised that Majority of them had no views, of course, who would watch clickbait, but still.

copyright strikes

My bot was programmed to upload the first video that came in results, and, first video is always from a big youtube channel, thus, I had broken many copyright rules.

most of them made copyright claims rather than copyright strikes, but, I had 2 copyright strikes and one more strike and my channel would get deleted automatically.

Thus, I had to stop my bot for atleast 3 months till the strikes expire.


how was my channel deleted

After 3 months, when all the strikes expored, I decided to find a new source for my videos, I was experimenting on converting GIF to mp4 as getting random GIF is very easy, but unfortunately, one day, suddenly I realise that I was logged out of my youtube account, after some troubleshooting I realised that my account was deleted.


I e-mailed YouTube and as expected, was informed that It was due to copyright violations, I explained (begged) them, but, they took their hands off the case.

I was more sad not because of deleted YouTube channel, but my personal account, the watch history, my songs playlist, my popular comments, my awesome recommendations, all in Vain.

moral of the story

moral of the story

Don't mess with copyright

— With ♥️ From an unsuccessful YouTuber