firefox send review

Firefox Send is a free-to-use, online file-sending service, able to handle files up to 2.5 GB. It was developed by Mozilla and is licensed under the terms of the open source Mozilla Public License.

firefox send review
Firefox Send
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TypeFile sharing, encryption software
Platform(s)Web, Android

firefox send review

Because Firefox Send is end-to-end encrypted, not even Mozilla can see the contents of what you’re sharing. You can also add a password to a given file, so that even if someone intercepts that URL—by compromising the recipient’s email, say—you can keep it secure.

firefox send

Compare that experience to an encrypted messaging app like Signal; you know what version you have on your phone, and how it behaves. A browser-based solution offers no such guarantees, and potentially exposes users to either server-side or man-in-the-middle attacks. White acknowledges that those scenarios aren’t likely, especially for the average user. But human-rights activists, journalists, and other potential targets should take it into consideration.