beginner's guide to googling

though it may seem pointless but googling stuff is an art, there is no question unanswered on the internet but finding the answer requires mastering the art of googling, this guide will help you become a googling expert, let's see how.

beginners guide to googling

what is googling

googling is the art of searching answers on google, though google is popular for giving the best answers, still, Internet is very huge and not all answers are optimised for SEO, thus googling becomes very important


you might not notice but 90% of programming related questions are answered on stackoverflow, there is a very little chance of not finding an answer on stackoverflow

This is also because they are very strict about framing questions, ie. You must frame your question in a way such that person searching for it may use

how to frame your query

how to frame your query

this is the most important skill in googling, google is trained to understand your question no matter how badly you ask it, but still, if you have a specific question, effective framing will definitely help

you must frame your question in few words, and they should be rich with keywords, most prior keywords first and then rest of the question.