PointerPointer points to your pointer

pointerpointer is a website that shows pictures of people pointing to your pointer.

PointerPointer points to your pointer

It was created by Studio Moniker in Amsterdam the site offers no redeeming value except for a bit of pure comedic relief. The project is described as an experiment in pointer retrieval and it’s not quite as smart as it looks.

pointerpointer example

What it does is locate your cursor and find a picture with people pointing towards that location on the screen. We've been playing with it for a while now, and have never seen the same picture twice.

another pointerpointer example

But you’ll notice Pointer Pointer doesn’t move so fast. In fact, you have to wait a few seconds, which feels like eons, after you move your cursor to see a photo, and the lag is intentional. “The first version of Pointer Pointer ran at lightning speed. Whenever you dragged the mouse, you would directly see a photo of someone pointing there.

one more pointerpointer example

Internet is weird, Isn't it?